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The open source screen recorders allow one to access the source code directly, with which you can further customize the tool according to your requirement. In addition, with the free open source screen recorder, you can make professional videos of your own for free. Nowadays, screens are tremendously used for the information that is displayed on them. Hence, screen recording is important to capture this information and further can be used for knowledge sharing for entertainment, education or business.

Below, we have listed the top 10 open source screen recorders to help you select the best one.

1. OBS Studio

One of the best open source screen recorder for Windows 7 is OBS Studio. It is a free-to-use software with zero limitations when it comes to the recording length of the video. The software is well-known for its features among the enthusiastic gamers. This open source screen recorder allows you to capture your screen in HD along with providing support to streaming. One can also live stream to YouTube gaming or Twitch and further save the videos.

obs studio open source


  • Provides high-quality video recording along with custom changes.
  • Has various advanced filters image masking tools and color correction feature.
  • Easily configurable options.
  • Dark and light theme options available.
  • Provides enhanced audio mixer that enables noise suppression features.


  • Cannot work with Windows XP
  • You cannot link the audio file as a source

2. Captura

The next in the list of best open source Windows screen recorder is Captura. It is a very easy tool program used to record the screen and all its activities. The tool can record audio, video, and pictures displayed on the screen. One can simply record their favorite games, webcam sessions, skype on their PC or any other software, audio from the speakers, or screen video displays. With this free software, you can easily create numerous presentations, training videos, screencasts, and so on.

captura open source


  • You can take screenshots
  • The video can be recorded in Avi, Gif, Mp4 formats
  • Record specific screen part or entire screen as per your wish
  • You can also record from webcam
  • The software can also be used from usual command-line


  • Includes unwanted advertisement as well as other offers

3. Capture Fox

A popular add-on of Mozilla Firefox, that is Capture Fox, is a Windows 10 screen recorder open source. In July 2008, the software was first released and made available freely. The Majority of the users are fond of the software owing to its screen recording ability along with voice recording features. With the Capture Fox, the screen recording is very easy. Professionals have been using the tool to create educational tutorials and videos that are used in e-lessons. High-resolution videos can also be recorded with this tool.

capture fox open source


  • With some basic settings, the required add-ons can be easily installed.
  • The advanced screen recording and video editing features available.
  • Very convenient to use.


  • This tool is Windows compatible only.
  • You are required to install some add-ons to make your device compatible with this software.

4. ShareX

ShareX is an open source screen recorder windows 10 that is available for free. It helps you to record and capture any part of your screen and further allows you to share the recorded video with just one click. One can upload text, images, as well as files to 80 various destinations. The software provides various ways to capture screenshots such as a particular window, full screen, or even a single window. Other customizable options such as adding watermark, extra effects, uploading, annotating, and so on are also available.

share x open source


  • Helps to record the entire screen.
  • Auto capture option is provided to record screen.
  • Bundled with numerous advanced capture tools.
  • Direct file upload option provided


  • Not available for Mac users.
  • The shareable links expire over time (images links).
  • A bit complicated for beginners

5. VokoscreenNG

VokoscreenNG is another Windows 10 open source screen recorder with the help of which users can record videos from their screen or even from their webcam. Furthermore, even the audio can be recorded with the option to record audio source as well. This open source screen recorder comes with a very intuitive user interface wherein all the user needs to do is to choose the work mode and customize a few parameters as per the requirement. You are ready to go.

vokoscreenng open source


  • Best works with Ubuntu 13.04, 12.04, and 12.10
  • Can record the entire games screen.
  • Easy-to-use user interface and takes up hardly any resources.
  • You can record video along with sound and mic at the same time.
  • Provides support to Pulseaudio and Alsa.


  • One can install the software with PPA only.
  • Sometimes, audio gest out of sync.

6. Freeseer

Our sixth free open source screen recorder is Freeseer. It is desktop streaming and capturing software. To go into technical details, the software is a Python coded one and makes use of Qt4 in GUI, whereas GStreamer is used for video and audio processing. Since the software is open standards-based, it provides support for royalty codecs and free audio. Freeseer is particularly designed to record work presentations. It can further be used to record educational videos, lectures, training demos and materials.

freeseer open source


  • Audio and video streaming can be done using and RTMP plug-in.
  • A talk editor is provided that helps to record and manage talks.
  • Provides support general keyboard shortcuts
  • One can upload the recorded videos to YouTube


  • No editing options available
  • Available only for Windows

7. SimpleScreen Recorder

The next best open source screen recorder is Linux-based, which called SimpleScreen Recorder. It was precisely introduced for recording programs and games. The tool has an easy and straightforward interface. Hence, this makes it easy to understand and use. Bundled with various features, it is known to a powerful screen recorder. The tool supports OpenGL and X11 and has a graphical UI that is based on Qt. Similar to other open source screen recorders, this tool also allows you to record the entire screen or only a specific part of it depending on the requirement.

simple screen recorder


  • Has graphical UI.
  • Customizable settings.
  • Live streaming can be done using this software.
  • You check the videos’ previews and further pause/resume the videos depending on the requirement.


  • No editing options available.
  • Available only for Linux.

8. UltraVNC Screen Recorder

If you are looking for the best open source screen recorder windows that also provides amazing speed then UltraVNC screen recorder is for you. Compared to other screen recorders available in the market, this tool is the best when it comes to speed. It is known as the fast screen recording software. Developed by uVNC, this software is the perfect option if you wish to enjoy fast screen recording.

ultravnc screen recorder


  • The software integrates the device’s mirror driver, making it the fastest screen recorder.
  • The recorded videos are saved on your PC’s hard disk and further can be shared on other social platforms.
  • You can record audio as well and further sync it with your video.


  • Limited options in free version

9. Krut Computer Recorder

Krut is an open source screen recorder. One of the technical details of this software is that it is a Java-written tool and hence best suits for creating various video tutorials and other instructional videos. The software can record movies played on your screen along with its audio. You can also record only a selected part of the screen if you wish to. Quicktime MOV format is used by the files recorded with this tool. The software further has a very compact and intuitive UI.

krut open source


  • You can record streams with no interruptions
  • Decent recording function.
  • Very portable and simple to use software


  • Output files are only in .mov and .wav formats.
  • Does not have a good-looking interface

10. XVidCap

XVidCap is a well-known open source screen recorder and a commercial software. It provides support to MPEG videos and makes the screen recording task very easy and perfect. It is very easy to use and easy to understand software. The software further to help its users have provided an encoding facility that is available online. The videos recorded using this tool have very improved and high quality as compared to others.

xvidcap open source


  • Numerous editing features available.
  • You can choose any video format form various options available.
  • Easy to use tool


  • There has been zero active development since few years.
  • Audio doesn’t work many times

Additional Tip: Record Screen with Wondershare DemoCreator

One of the major disadvantages of the widely available open source screen recorders is that majority of interfaces tend to be not so user-friendly and hence are not easy to use. In fact, the major focus of this software is on the functionality instead of the UI. This makes it difficult for new users to understand and use the software. Therefore, we have brought Wondershare DemoCreator that is available for people facing this issue and to overcome these difficulties. It is a 2-in-one software that lets you record your screen and further help you edit the recorded videos.

Wondershare DemoCreator provides the advanced editing suite for free, with which you can not only edit but also simultaneously record from your webcam and screen. It is popularly known for its recording of high-paced games (up to 120 FPS) with audios. The tool’s video editor allows to perform the basic editing of the recorded videos, add annotations such as callout, text, or effects, and adjust cursor effects.

democreator guide picture


We saw the top 10 best open source Windows screen recorders in the above article. Not only did we provide the best one, but we have also reviewed each one of them in detail along with respective pros and cons. This will help you to settle down on the best open source screen recorder as per your requirements. As there are few problems with these open source software, we highly recommend to use DemoCreator to ease these issues and further get your screen recorded with ease.

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