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Even with the increased popularity of gaming consoles, most gamers still choose PC games over gaming consoles, mostly because of the variety of games that you can get on your PC. And there are so many video game recorders that you can choose. But gaming can only be fun if you share it and this is where game screen recorder software comes in. With the best game screen recorder, you can easily record yourself as you play and then share the gameplay footage on YouTube and other video streaming sites. But how do you know the best game recorder for PC when there are so many to choose from? In this article, we take a look at some of the best free game recorders as well as paid game recorders to help guide you through the process.

The Best Game Screen Recorder Software for PC

The following are the top game recorders you can use when you want to record your gameplay on PC, also can be called windows game recorder.

Streamlabs OBS

This is the best game recorder app especially for beginner users because the user interface is the simplest and is a free screen recorder. It can be used both for streaming and recording and it comes with rich features designed to help you do both very easily.

Streamlabs OBS seamlessly connects with your company’s website to make it easy to upload the recorded videos, eliminating the need to copy and paste URLs. It will also allow you to very easily save resources and settings on the cloud.

streamlabs obs game screen recorder


The MSI Afterburner program is not exactly a game screen recorder, but somewhere in its settings, there are screen capture features that you can use to record the screen while gaming. Afterburner is a graphic card unlocking tool that most gamers will have on their computers.

If you want to unlock the screen capture feature in Afterburner, you will have to download the RivaTuner Statistics Turner and then tweak the settings to be able to capture the screen. The amount of tweaking that you have to do to get Afterburner to capture the screen, makes it unsuitable for users who want a quick, easy solution.

afterburner game screen recorder


Bandicam is one of the most popular game screen recorder software in the market and with good reason. To begin with, it has the ability to record gameplay in high bitrates and frames, a factor that makes it one of the best tools to record games. You can also easily customize several recording factors including the output format and resolution.

Even when you choose a very high definition output like 4K, the video will be very small in size. This is because Bandicam has a built-in compression feature that allows you to reduce the size of the video without affecting the overall quality of the video.

bandicam game screen recorder


Previously known as AMD ReLive, this is the proprietary software for screen recording on an AMC card. One of its biggest advantages is that it uses the GPU for most of the encoding, allowing the CPU you need for other processes.

Even though the original software is pretty good, it also supports scaling. For example, if you have been recording 1080p videos, you can upgrade and record videos at 4K UHD. It is also completely free to use although beginner users may find the interface a little bit hard to navigate.

relive game screen recorder


Developed by Microsoft, DirectX is a collection of APIs that are designed for tasks such as 2D and 3D vector graphics, video rendering and playing audio on PCs. While it not a tool that you can use to directly record the screen, it is ideal for a seamless gaming experience and when coupled with other add-ons, you can tweak the settings to use it to record the screen.

It is an open-source program, meaning that it will always be free. But you’d have to be an experienced gamer to use DirectX for gameplay recording.

directx game screen recorder


Fraps is another very popular game recording software for PC. This one may prove very complicated, particularly for beginners because of the complicated and sometimes overwhelming settings and configurations pages.

But once you figure it out, you will find Fraps very effective, allowing you a wide range of options when it comes to the frame capture rate. You can adjust the capture rate manually from 30 to 120 FPS. This program also has the very useful ability to record audio as well as video. The size of the overall video may be too large.

fraps tab


Action is a very popular game recording software particularly since it utilizes GPU to accelerate recordings without affecting the CPU. Therefore, it has the capability to record and create high-quality videos even in 4K resolution. You can also use it to record high frame rates and even record live commentary.

Action also has the ability to live stream the videos to all popular video streaming sites including YouTube, Livestream, Hitbox, Twitch and many others. Despite the numerous features that it has, Action is surprisingly easy to use and even comes with basic editing features.

Action screen record tool


QuickTime is a great screen recorder software for Mac. Aside from being able to record gameplay, you can also use it to record audio, play videos, edit the videos and share them very easily. The playback mode on QuickTime has many control buttons, allowing you to play, pause, fast forward and rewind.

You can also use QuickTime to lightly edit the video in many ways including rotating the video, splitting and trimming the video. You can then share the videos directly to YouTube and share them via email or AirDrop.

quick time screen recorder

Nvidia GeForce Experience

You may already know the GeForce Experience of you have an Nvidia GPU. While it is primarily used to update the Nvidia drivers, it also includes the Nvidia’s Shadowplay feature that you can use to very easily record the game.

One of the best features of this Nvidia Shadowplay feature is that it uses GPU, allowing you to encode videos, making the process require much less CPU. The feature can also record in the same resolution as your screens, meaning that if you have a 4K panel, your videos will be in 4K.

nvidia geforce experience

XSplit Gamecaster

One of the most advantageous aspects of the XSplit Gamecaster program is that it is one of the easiest suites to use. For example, you can very easily use it to stream videos to your Twitch account directly. The videos that you record using this program are also in very high quality and you can begin the recording with a single click.

Among other features, XSplit allows users to annotate the videos in numerous ways, add watermarks and even seamlessly integrate with social media to share the videos easily. It also comes with a built-in video editor that you can use to manage and lightly edit some aspects of the video.

xsplit gamecaster


Movavi is a relatively new screen recorder that is making a name for itself thanks to its unmatched features that make screen capturing and post editing very easy. Aside from recording the video, you can also use it to record audio. It also supports the recording of high-resolution videos up to 4K and you can also turn on the webcam with an on-going screen recording.

This tool also comes with a wide array of impressive post-recording features that you can use to edit the video in numerous ways. For example, you can cut videos and combine them with other videos or even add animated titles and special effects among many others.

movavi game screen recorder

Wondershare DemoCreator

DemoCreator is a new and very promising game recording software. It works perfectly for gamers who would like to record their videos for the purpose of creating tutorials , Powerpoint presentations and demos. This is because it comes with powerful annotation features that allow users to add a variety of annotations that include text effects, callouts and more.

asus screen recoeder democreator

It is also one of the easiest computer screen recorders to uses, allowing users to record the screen with a single click. You can also turn on the webcam while recording. Once the recording is complete, you can share the video easily from the program.

If you are looking for software that gives you complete control over the recording of your games, the above tools offer a great solution. Many of them are even ideal for beginners with features and user interfaces that are easy to navigate and others offer a more professional solution. The bottom line is you can find the ideal game screen recorder for you from the list above.

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