Top 5 Screen Recorders with Facecam Recording Function

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With the rise of video trends on YouTube, you must have noticed thousands of videos with people's faces captured in the corner of the screen. As reaction videos, gameplays, tutorials increase in number, this style of video is becoming the industry standard. Also, people want to see you reacting, narrating your content in real-time, cutting short the bridge of communication between the creator and their audience.

Moreover, a facecam is a live recording of the face in any video, and the webcam feed is then added to the original content of the video, playing them side by side. For getting this picture-in-picture effect, this article will tell you how to get facecam on-screen recorder.

1. Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare provides you with a fully-featured video and audio editing suite. With its powerful features, the interface has been made easy for people of all ages and backgrounds. Moreover, they can navigate around the application to make the best use of the options available. Also, Wondershare DemoCreator gives you a 4K resolution editing support, gif support, video stabilization support, keyframe editing, noise removal, seven different language support, and many other features.

wondershare democreator

Key Features

As far as screen recording is concerned:

  • Wondershare DemoCreator comes with a changeable cursor: Customize the capture size, color, and shape of your cursor.
  • 15-120 frames per second: Perfect for high paced games.
  • Picture in Picture: Record your screen and webcam simultaneously.
  • Fully featured editing suite: A huge range of professional-grade tools.
  • Import support over 50 formats: images, videos, music, and other media files.
  • Custom Screen recording area: You can choose to record all or just partially your screen.
  • Add interactive annotations to enhance the learning experience.
  • Draw shapes, lines, arrows on your screen to draw attention to details.

2. AceThinker

AceThinker is a multimedia editor for Windows, Mac, iPad, and iPhone users. The user interface is elegantly designed to perform a varied range of activities. You can record your screen while using real-time drawing tools for annotation. Edit your recorded videos before saving it or uploading it to YouTube. Also, if you need to record a live stream, you can create scheduled tasks for recording.

Moreover, you can save your videos in any format you desire and play it on the go. There is no restriction on recording time, and you can record live streaming videos in high quality. And as far as free online facecam and screen recorder, AceThinker is one of the best in the market.

acethinker facecam recorder

Pros and Cons of AceThinker Screen Recorder



Real-time on-screen annotations

Quality of exported video is lower than expected

Customizable screen field recording

Video editor is underdeveloped

Picture-in-picture effect

No chroma key screen effect

Audio-only recording available

100+ output format options

Cheaper than other similar products


3. Guvcview

Guvcview was created to furnish an elementary interface for recording and playing video from devices supported by UVC driver. Also, Guvcview can be used to control images on other window applications like Cheese Mplayer, Skype, etc. Guvcview can produce high-quality videos without being a video/ audio expert.

Based on Ubuntu users, they have reportedly mentioned that using Guvcview has been much easier to use to make a higher quality of content, unlike other applications like Cheese. As far as afree game recorder with facecams goes, Guvcview will not disappoint.

guvcview facecam recorder

Pros and Cons of Guvcview



Hidden controls while recording

Many webcams are not compatible

Customizable screen field recording

Only for devices supported by Linux drivers

Picture-in-picture effect

No video editing suite available

Adjust image properties while recording

100+ output format options

Adjust frame rate and resolution of the video

Open source and free to use

4. Ezvid

Ezvid is a game recorder with facecam that can capture high-quality videos on-screen without exporting with a watermark. You can download Ezvid screen recorder with facecam for free from the official website. While being incredibly easy to use, the application includes a built-in-editor with text-to-speech synthesis, availability of copyright-free music.

Also, this application is perfect for small projects; the interface allows users to get used to the functions and use it optimally. What truly makes Ezvid fast is its use of the latest C++ binaries to increase the speed of recording. Moreover, this software is perfect for those who record gameplay and upload it online. Further, the quick and relaxed nature of the application is highlighted in its user interface.

ezvid facecam recorder

Pros and Cons of Ezvid Screen Recorder



Auto-save videos during recording

Time limit up to 45 minutes

Offers voice synthesis and audio recording

Cannot save recorded video in local disk

Upload video directly to YouTube

Lacks in customization features

Easy to use interface

Free of cost

5. Bandicam

Bandicam is one of the best game recorders with facecam recording function. You can create high-grade recordings in small file sizes and save it in mp4 and avi format files. The application minimizes CPU usage while reducing machine lag and saving hard disk space. Screen recording will run unlimitedly as long as the local disk has free space.

Also, you can record videos in 4K Ultra HD while maintaining a maximum frame rate of one hundred and twenty frames per second. You can download the free trial of the screen recorder and see if it works for you before purchasing it.

bandicam facecam recorder

Pros and Cons of Bandicam



Better game recording quality

It does not let you record desktop while recording games.

Customizable screen field recording

Available in Windows only

Picture-in-picture effect

No legible editing tools

High compression ratio

Mouse movement recording and effects

Real-time on-screen annotations


This list contains some of the best screen recorders available, offering several features and functionalities. Configure your needs and preferences before deciding to buy a computer screen recorder with webcam. You can opt for free alternatives if you are aiming to create small projects online.

However, if you are invested in the industry, then you can choose to buy more advanced applications to help ease the workflow. The breakdown of features in the article will help you understand your needs on a bigger scale. Once you know your requirements, you can make the best decision to get the work done effectively and efficiently.

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