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Davinci Resolve Keeps Crashing - How to Fix

2021-06-26 00:21:02 • Archivado en: Video Editing Tips

It is imperative for the video editors that the video editing software works perfectly and the users get to work on it in an uninterrupted way. Davinci resolve is one of the top editing software among the content creators who use it to create content. The users these days have increased content that is created on the video-sharing platforms and the videos which are shared frequently nowadays. However, the users of Davinci resolve have been increasingly facing a problem. The problem is that the Davinci resolve keeps crashing. In this article, we try and understand this problem and try and offer a resolution.

The users who are working on the Fusion software have often been complaining about the fact that whenever the text tracking function is applied, the software crashes. There are also instances where it has happened in the use of the cutting page. In the article below we try and analyze why the problem occurs and what the possible solutions can be to this problem.

Part 1: Why Davinci Resolve Crashing

The users have been reporting many different issues and we are here trying to investigate why this issue is exactly occurring. The following issues are reported.

Bugs and Glitches: The Davinci resolve 15 keeps crashing due to many configurations differences that had been known to cause the crash in software however a big majority of the bugs which are software-breaking have after that been fixed and the user can easily resolve this issue by only making it a point that the latest versions are downloaded.

DaVinci is trying to run on the integrated GPU: Many of the user's report suggests that the issues are occurring in case the system is trying to run this software with integrated GPUs which are weaker in a significant manner than the counterparts which are dedicated for it and the crashes are going to occur. For this, the user will have to disable the GPU which is integrated for forcing systems for using dedicated options.

The software version is not supported outside Windows 10: If the user is using an older version of the DaVinci Resolve which is the version 11 or the version 12, the user will in all likelihood have to make a configuration to the executable for running it in the compatibility mode with the windows 8 for the avoidance of the unexpected crashes.

MP4 files are not accepted by Davinci Resolve: A crash at times occurs when the user is importing an MP4 file and this is one that can be avoided by trying to convert these video files to MOV before they make an attempt to import these files. This is an easy and effective strategy that can be executed easily by every single user.

The paging file is too small: A few of the users have made a report about the DaVinci Resolve not being a system that announces in advance about the use of the Virtual Memory file. If the paging file has been managed by the system users are using, this crash is going to occur when the software begins to use virtual memory.

Part 2: How to Fix Davinci Resolve Keeps Crashing

Method 1
Using a dedicated GPU

If the user has encountered a crash with the integrated GPU such as Intel graphics, there are chances that the user will now have to own a GPU which is dedicated to being able to use this editing software without having to face crashes frequently. It is a demanding software when the tasks are associated with rendering chores however it doesn't have the mechanisms which are going to stop the lesser spec computers from having access to this software.


However, in all honesty, the user will need a dedicated GPU in case stability is required while using DaVinci Resolve. At the very least, the user must consider using cards such as the GeForce 1070 or the AMD equivalents. The user is going need a lot of CPU power and a RAM of at least 16 GB.

Method 2
Upgrade to Windows 10

For those asking why does Davinci resolve 16 keep crashing? The answer may be in the Windows format they are using. The user is suggested to work on Windows 10 which is the latest version of Windows and that would work best for the DaVinci Resolve editing software. The user is also likely to get into some snags when he runs the software and that has been reported to be the case particularly when the user runs Windows 7. If the user is able to afford upgrading to Windows 10, this can be the easiest solution for doing so. The other methods will work in case that is not a possibility.

upgrade windows 10

Method 3
Make sure the latest version is being used

The users of the Davinci Resolve 15 have been asking repeatedly that the Davinci resolve 15 keeps crashing. The release of this version of the editing software has for long had a history of many glitches as well as bugs that have been leading to crashes at a frequent rate and in various configurations which were enough to support this video editing software. However, post that the users have been struggling with the software-crashing and for them, it would be good if they can download the recent versions of the software. That can be down by the following process.

latest version

  • The user has to press the Windows key + R for opening up the Run dialog box. Then, the user has to type "appwiz.cpl" and Enter for opening up the Programs and Features window.
  • Inside this window, the user has to scroll down the list of the installed applications and then locate Davinci Resolve and Uninstall.
  • The on-screen prompts will then have to be uninstalled and the current software will have to be removed and then the user has to restart the system.
  • The user then has to download the latest version
  • Then register for the latest version of the software
  • After installation, restart the computer and then the issue will be resolved in all likelihood.

upgrade windows 10

Method 4
Disabling the Integrated GPU

If the user is making an attempt to run the DaVinci Resolve on the configuration of desktop/laptop, which includes the different GPU, the user will have to make sure that the DaVinci Resolve is using the dedicated option. For many users, the software ends up limiting the software and causes many crashes. The easiest way is to disable the Integrated GPU and that can be done by doing the following steps

disable integrated gpu

  • The user has to press the Windows key + R for opening up a Run dialog box. Then the user must then type "devmgmt.msc" and then press Enter for opening up the Device Manager.
  • Inside the Device Manager, the user has to expand the drop-down menu which is associated with the Display Adapters.
  • Inside Display Adapters, there is a drop-down menu, right-click on the integrated GPU and choose the Disable Device function.

Method 5
Enlarging the Virtual Memory file (Paging File)

A few of the users have pointed out that the issue does occur on the Windows 10 version too and there is a difficulty which is there in dealing with the heap dumps. A few of the users who had their paging file being managed by systems have made a report that this issue was not occurring anymore after they had changed it to a custom size. It was successful where the user works on the low-medium spec computer. The steps below help in enlarging the paging file.

enlarge virtual memory file

  • The user has to press the Windows key + R for opening up the Run dialog box. Then, the user has to type" sysdm.cpl" and then press Enter for opening the Advanced System Properties window.
  • Inside the System Properties window, the user should then go at the Advanced tab and then click the Settings button which is associated with the Performance menu.
  • Within the Performance Options menu, the user has to click the Advanced tab.
  • After that in the Advanced tab, the user has to click the Change button under Virtual Memory.
  • In the Virtual Memory window, the user can then begin by unchecking boxes which are associated with automatically managing the paging file size
  • The user then has to select their OS drive from a box below the Paging file size for every drive and then select toggle associated with the Custom size.
  • The user must then set you Initial size to a minimum of 3500 MB and the highest size to 7000 MB.
  • Then save and restart the computer.

Method 6
Enabling IGPU Multi-Monitoring

Many of the affected users have said that the DaVinci Resolve crash may happen if the IGPU multi-monitoring has been disabled from the BIOS setting. if the IGPU Multi-Monitoring is enabled, the user can still make use of the video ports on motherboards.

The software will not work properly if the user has the option disabled. Here are a few steps to enable the IGPU Multi-Monitoring from the BIOS setting.

enable igpu

  • The user has to Restart his computer and then begin pressing the Setup key when it arrives on the initial screen. This is going to eventually get the user inside the BIOS menu.
  • Once the user gets into the BIOS settings, he has to look into Advanced settings and then look at the setting called IGPU Multi-Monitor.
  • The user has to then Set the IGPU Multi-Monitor feature to the Enabled mode after which the changes can be saved.

Method 7
Running DaVinci in Compatibility Mode

A few of the users have been encountering many frequent crashes with the DaVinci Resolve and there have been complaints that the Davinci resolve 14 crashes on startup mac or the DaVinci Resolve 15 crashes occurs. Well, there are some good reports on this which say that the crashes stop when they are opened on the main executable mode. A guide on this is available here


  • The user has to right-click on the executable that is used for launching the software and then chooses Properties.
  • Inside the Resolve Properties window, the user has to go to the Compatibility tab and then check a box that is associated and says "Run this program in compatibility mode for".
  • After this, go to the drop-down menu and choose the Windows 8 operating systems.
  • Then select apply to make the changes happen.

Method 8
Moving the source video files to a different location

A solution that is very simple and sometimes the most effective in the opinion of the affected users to prevent the Davinci resolve waveform monitor crash has been to move it to another location. The users say that the software was not crashing any longer after the source files had been moved to a folder different from the one which was being used earlier. There isn't enough data or proof to tell why this is happening however there are speculations which suggest it has to do something to do with permissions. In case the problem is still there, the user can start by moving them to a new folder and then importing them once again.

Method 9
Converting the video files to a .mov format

The once who have been on the Davinci resolve 16 crash courses have come up with a solution which might work for a few users, there are a few configurations mostly in the laptops which are known for triggering a crash in the DaVinci resolve at the time when a user begins to import the MP4 files to the editing software. In case this scenario happens, the users are suggested to resolve this particular issue by converting the MP4 files into the MOV files by using a convertor which is reliable and then making it an easy way to solve the issue.

convert mov format

Part 3: Davinci Resolve 16 Alternative: Wondershare DemoCreator

The Davinci Resolve 16 is a professional video editing software, but for beginners in video editing, it may be confusing to encounter a crash. Here to introduce a very simple and easy to use screen recording and video editing software: Wondershare DemoCreator. It's is very suitable for tutorial video making and YouTuber tutorial video editing.


There are many people who have wanted to know why Davinci resolve crashes in this article we have tried to resolve a few of those issues by going into the depths of the problems and coming up with solutions and tutorials on how they can be worked out and help in resolving this problem of crashes in the Davinci resolve software. The users need to come up with these solutions in order to use the popular video editing software effectively without any interruption. In case there are any other resolutions available for the crashing of the software, do let us know as well.

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