How to Record Webcam and Screen Simultaneously

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Begin able to record what is happening on your screen, yourself on webcam and audio all at the same time is one of the best ways to present instructional videos, presentations and sometimes even games. We are certain that you have seen some of these videos where the screen-flow part of the video seems to be complimented by the webcam footage.

But how do you record the webcam and the screen at the same time? As you can well guess there are a lot of components that go into such a video and as such, the key is in the software you choose to use. In this article, we share with you the best software to record webcam and screen easily and with all components together to make the video a work of art whether it is an instructional video, a product demo or a gameplay video.

The Best Tool to Record Webcam and Screen

If you want to record a video that has all aspects in one, including webcam, screen and audio, the last thing you need is to have to record these components separately and then edit them together. Therefore, the best tool that you can use to record a video that includes the screen and the webcam is one that makes it easy to record all these aspects at the same time. Wondershare DemoCreator is the most ideal solution in this regard.

The following are just some of the program’s features;

  • It allows you to record crisp clear screen-flow videos for presentations and lectures.
  • Recording the screen, webcam and audio is only a matter of turning these options on in the settings
  • It has a very simple to user interface that makes it one of the simplest video recording programs to use
  • It comes with a full editing suite that you can use to edit your videos to perfection

How to Use DemoCreator to Record the Screen and Webcam

To use this program to record both the screen and the webcam on your computer, begin by downloading and installing the DemoCreator on to your computer and then follow these simple steps;

Step 1: Open the Program and Configure the Settings

Run the program after successful installation and in the main window, click on “Capture” to begin the process.

democreator start capture

You will see a number of settings dedicated to each section of the video you would like to record.

The “Screen” tab controls the screen recording. Here, you can choose whether you want to record the whole screen, a custom section of the screen or you want to record a game.

setup screen settings

In the “Audio” tab, you can choose whether you want to capture the computer audio along with the microphone audio. If you want to include narration in the recording, you will need to set “Microphone” to “Capture.”

In the “Camera” tab, under “Camera” choose to “Capture” in order to turn on the computer’s webcam and capture both the screen and the webcam.

Step 2: Start Recording

When you are ready to begin recording both the screen and the webcam, click on “Start Capturing”. You can also use the “F10” hotkey to begin the recording.

start screen recording

The program will countdown 3 seconds and then begin recording the screen and webcam. At any time during the recording, you can press the “F9” key to pause and resume the recording as needed.

When the recording is complete, press the “F10” key to stop the recording process.

The video will be saved in a pre-selected folder and you can open it in the DemoCreator editor interface to make changes.

With DemoCreator, recording both the screen and the webcam is as simple as tweaking a few settings as we have seen above. All you need is to create your first video and you’ll well be on your way to creating inspiring presentations and video demonstrations.



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