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How do you screen record on a Chromebook? This has been a question that many people have had for a long time since Chromebooks do not work with Java plugin, which is needed by various screencasting tools such as Jing. However, as technology advances, such things become possible and screen recording on Chromebook is among the most powerful means to educate people. Teachers now can teach and observe their student learning, by pre-recording tutorials, lessons and feedback. On the other hand, students explain solutions for math problems or show off their app development skills as they submit a book report.

Screen Record on Chromebook with Loom

Loom is one of the easiest ways to screen record on Chromebook and share the video, and its simplicity is impeccable. It is quite a recommendable toolbar tool to record a quick tutorial. This free service can record the screen for one hour. Additionally, Loom allows you to download videos as well as share them with Gmail, which it integrates perfectly with, permitting you to choose the right video to email from Chrome’s compose window. When you share a video, it can track the views the video gets and viewers can comment at specific times if you allow it.  

loom screen recorder for chromebook

Here are steps about how to screen record on Chromebook

  • In the “Chrome Web Store,” “Download” the Loom extension
  • In the toolbar, select the “Loom” icon and sign in with your Google account.
  • After signing in, hit the “Loom” function again to specify whether you wish to record the entire screen, tab or use the webcam. You are also free to select recording, with or without audio.
  • After customizing the setup, hit the “Start Recording” utility to start and utilize the bottom left “Controls” to “Pause” or “Stop” recording.
  • Cut out mistakes using the “Scissors” tool and then publish when you have a satisfactory recording.

Screencasts on Chromebook with Nimbus

The most recent Chrome Web Store addition, Nimbus , is a flexible tool and quite fast. It allows users to capture screenshots and record screens. After making a screen recording you can download your clip to your device as WebM video or upload directly to Nimbus servers. If you choose the second option, the video must be below 100mb. More space is allowed if you have the Pro account, which you must pay for. Unfortunately, the free version also restricts you from sending your recorded clips directly to Good Drive or YouTube, unless you download them first. However, with a premium account, you can save to these sites directly.    

nimbus screen recorder for chromebook

Here is how Nimbus can screen record for Chromebook;

  • Download Nimbus from the Chrome Web Store
  • Select the Nimbus extension and click on “Record Video”
  • Indicate whether you want to record the desktop area or tab
  • Specify the number of seconds to include the countdown timer, which is a great option to prepare as you set everything for recording
  • To start recording, hit the “Record” utility and use the “Nimbus” icon when you need to end recording. The complete video will open in a new tab so that you can preview it.

Screen Record on Chromebook with Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is common among Mac and PC users that love screencasting. As times changed, it became available on Chromebook and so you can now use it to screen record on Chromebook. It comes with impeccable features such as annotation tools and trimming abilities to cut the start and end of clips. You can also save the recordings YouTube and Drive, although the recording time is limited to 15 minutes. Screencast-O-Matic Chromebook screen recorder is an app that enables educators to make clips such as projects, lessons and tutorials.  

screencastomatic screen recorder for chromebook

The following is a procedure to screen record Chromebook for free using Screencast-O-Matic

  • Go to the Chrome Web Store and Download Screencast-O-Matic Chrome browser extension by clicking on “Add to Chrome”
  • Run the recorder from your browser and select the option to share “Your Entire Screen,” which will allow you to record the screen, webcam or both, in the next step.
  • So, indicate from the menu what you want to record between webcam, screen or both
  • A “Camera” icon will appear if you choose both and selecting it will restore the webcam window.
  • Click on the same icon to pause the video and preview it, then save the clip and start over.

Screencasts on Chromebook with Screencastify

Most people choose Screencastify to screen record on Chromebook because it isn’t free watermark recording and offers annotations tool. Although these free recordings have a time limit of five minutes, you can still capture the webcam as you record and acquire the finished screen recording in a new tab, where you rename it. You may also download the clips as GIF as MP3. 

screencastify screen recorder for chromebook

With the instructions below, you can answer the question “can you screen record on a Chromebook?”

  • Get Screencastify by visiting Chrome Web Store listing and clicking on “Add to Chrome”
  • Click on “Add Extension” and then select “Screencastify” icon on Chrome browser’s top right corner
  • “Sign in with Google” and then select “Next”
  • Allow Screencastify to see your screen by clicking on “Allow.”
  • Again choose “Screencastify” icon and then choose “Record.”
  • A window will show up regarding the screen to share. Select “Share” and then go to the controls on the screen bottom and tap the “Pause” icon.
  • Choose the “Stop” icon. When the video editing tab opens click on the “Untitled” name and type in the “New Name” of the clip. Close the tab when done and allow Screencastify to process the video and save to it Google Drive.     


Can you screen record on Chromebook? Yes you can with all the above tools that provide amazing ways to inspire and educate students. Any of the Chrome extensions above will enable you to make a decent screen recording for Chromebook users. While multiple screencap tools function as software on Windows and Mac computers, these four work within the Chrome OS confines, except for Screen-O-Matic, which can screen record of Chromebooks, PC and Mac. So as the world waits for Google to improve the Chromebook software and evolve the Chrome OS to make it more functional, you have a unique ability to teach and learn.

Despite their abilities to screen record on Chromebook, the above four extensions are difficult to use and understand without ample technical knowledge. Some people only use Google Chrome as a browser to find basic information on the internet and thus rely on computer software for screen recording. Additionally, these 4 tools lack enough screencap editing tools and may not fully cater to all needs for Windows users. As a result, it is better to rely on a well-equipped screen recorder.

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Wondershare DemoCreator is the best alternative for screen recording on Chromebook because it is more advanced than any screen recorder for Chromebook and caters to all your needs. As it easily functions on Windows and Mac platforms, it can capture fast-paced scenes up to 150 and 60 frames per second, respectively. It provides basic as well as advanced editing features that enable the maximization of the feel and look of your screen recordings. It records video and audio from your computer smoothly, which an amateur and professional can handle. With this software, exporting clips to social media platforms like YouTube is well facilitated through multiple supported formats. Additionally, you can import pictures and videos in numerous formats too, to include them in recordings.

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