Consejos de Grabación de Pantalla

Aquí hay algunos consejos de grabación de pantalla útiles para que puedas capturar la pantalla en computadora. Compruébalos y encuentra tus soluciones.

How to Use the Background Screen Recorder on Windows 10

This article will talk about methods you can record screens with, such as recording Windows 10 with DemoCreator and Background screen recorder for PC. You will further be able to go step-by-step to know how these recording methods work and can be brought to use.

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott • 2021-09-01 16:58:08
How to Record League of Legends Gameplay

In this article we are going to learn how to record league of legends and its gameplay. We are also going to explain how you are going to record league of legends for YouTube.

David • 2021-09-01 20:53:58
Best Way to Record Call of Duty

This article is about how to record Call of duty gameplay with stepwise procedure and essential tips. You will get to know about the strategies that are used to record this video game.

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Alma Elliott • 2021-09-01 20:53:51
Top 12 Online Video Intro or Outro Template Maker

The face or identity of your video content must be fascinating and eye-catchy. In this regard, we have put a light on making video intro free, so you can better understand the changing times with the video content technology. We have also enlisted some video intro maker free online as video intro or outro is the most valuable asset to promote your brand worldwide. Delve into this article to find out more about video intro online maker free.

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Alma Elliott • 2021-09-29 10:32:54
Top 12 Online Video Snapshots Software Tools

Video Snapshots are getting common with the day, where video creators are soaking towards the need of thumbnails for their videos to get it posted on social media. Taking a screenshot off the screen of your desktop feels quite simple and straightforward, which really is. However, the major problem of it being time-taking and strenuous comes from the fact where they had to amend the screenshot on different platforms and then develop something out of it. This was both lows on quality and impression, which was not impersonating and interactive for the user. This article presents a guide for the top online video screenshot tools available in the market.

David • 2021-09-18 14:11:30
Top 10 Free Online Video/ Photo Editor with Green Screen Chroma Key Function

Green screen software is not limited to filmmakers only and you can use it too now, thanks to any online video editor app with Chroma key. Create family videos, social media vlogs, tutorials, demos, and more! Continue reading this article to find out the best green screen video and photo editor apps online.

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Alma Elliott • 2021-09-18 14:11:26
Top 5 Free YouTube Video Editor Online

¿Está buscando un editor de video de YouTube gratuito en línea? Lee a continuación para saber más.

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Alma Elliott • 2021-09-01 20:41:24
Wondershare DemoCreator vs OpenShot vs Shotcut: Which Video Editor is Better?

Over the years, there has been a burgeoning demand for video editing software globally due to the growing population size of social media content creator and the rise in demand for professional-quality video clips. This has geared software engineers in the tech industry to develop several different video editing apps with incredible features, and end-users often get confused about what video editing software to use while making a selection online. This has prompted us towards writing a comparison article on the top 3 video editing programs. Without wasting much of your time, let’s begin!

David • 2021-09-18 14:11:33
Wondershare DemoCreator Review: The Best Game Tutorial Maker for Beginners

This is why expert players are now creating gaming tutorials and sharing their experiences with newbies. One popular tool for making game tutorials is Wondershare DemoCreator. Let's see what Wondershare DemoCreator game tutorial maker is and why it is the best.

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 20:49:21
Top 12 Free Video Editor with Green Screen Effect for Win/Mac PC

Nowadays different professional video editing tools that provide amazing effects and abilities such as green screens are easily available on the market. However, these video editing software are too expensive or not user friendly so they have a steep learning curve. One such example is Adobe Premiere which is widely popular and it is not only expensive but not suitable for beginners. If you just want to edit some tutorials, demos, vlogs, or home videos then you need a software that is easy to use and affordable. This is why we have picked out 12 free video editor with a green screen that is suitable for beginners as well as professionals.

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 20:46:08
Wondershare DemoCreator Review: La mejor alternativa gratuita de Camtasia

Al ser un editor de contenido de video, debe tener el conocimiento del editor de video Camtasia, pero cambió de opinión y se dirigió a las alternativas a Camtasia. Entonces, el alto precio de Camtasia es lo que lo hizo sesgar hacia esta decisión de buscar sus alternativas. Sin lugar a dudas, Camtasia tiene algunas funcionalidades de clasificación de las que carecen otros editores de video, pero las alternativas de Camtasia 2020 tienen una maravilla para ti, que se enlista a continuación. Por supuesto, estamos hablando de esa alternativa todo en uno de Camtasia, Wondershare DemoCreator. Con la superpotencia de grabación de pantalla a edición de video, nivel principiante a nivel profesional y efectos convincentes para numerosos elementos incorporados, esta herramienta de edición de video presenta el costo más bajo que el mercado de edición de video haya presenciado en respuesta al pico de Camtasia. precio de licencia valorado.

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 20:45:06
Wondershare DemoCreator VS Camtasia: ¿Qué editor de video es mejor para principiantes?

El editor de video Camtasia es el que hemos cubierto para usted en este artículo. Por lo tanto, si probablemente está buscando comenzar con una opción no tan grande disponible, le facilitamos la decisión del destino para embarcarse en su experiencia de edición de video. Sobre todo, considerando su instrumento y el nivel de compromiso con la experiencia de edición de video, el de Camtasia vs DemoCreator puede convertir sus expectativas en realidad con su completo paquete de edición.

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 20:44:51
Wondershare DemoCreator vs Camtasia vs Snagit vs ScreenFlow: ¿Cuál es mejor?

Aunque Wondershare DemoCreator tiene el monopolio de las herramientas de software de edición de video, aquí hemos demostrado la comparación de Wondershare DemoCreator vs ScreenFlow, así como las plataformas de edición de video Camtasia o Snagit que compiten con esta obra maestra. Estas herramientas de edición de video mejoran las nuevas funciones con el tiempo, pero también con un aumento drástico en el precio. Por lo tanto, para brindarle un análisis detallado de estas plataformas de edición de video, aquí hemos cubierto las funcionalidades profundas de estas herramientas.

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 20:44:47
Davinci Resolve 15 Download

This article consists of an in-depth guide on DaVinci Resolve 15 download and installation. It further involves its various functions that you can opt for editing and enhancing your video outputs. Also, we have included alternative software and a quick guide on using it for video editing.

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott • 2021-09-01 20:43:06
Top 7 Instagram Video Editor for Windows or Mac PC

In this article, I will be introducing you to at least 7 powerful instagram video editing software which are compatible with Windows and Mac computers.

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 20:36:40
OpenShot Video Editor Download for Windows

This article comprises of an in-depth guide for OpenShot Video Editor for Windows 7 download, system requirements, and software installation. It further involves alternative software DemoCreator and how you can use it for video editing for Windows.

David • 2021-09-01 20:36:07
Hitfilm Express Download

This article comprises of a step-by-step process on how to perform Hitfilm Express Download and installation to be used for video editing. It further talks about certain software features, tech specifications, etc. which you can use to make high-quality video content.

David • 2021-09-01 20:35:53
Free Video Editing Software for Windows

If you are hunting for the best free video editing software for Windows, below article will give you the one you are looking for.

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott • 2021-09-01 20:29:42
Revisión de Wondershare DemoCreator: Un Creador de Videos Tutoriales Fácil de Usar

Los programas de grabación de pantalla son muy comunes en el mercado, donde los principales participantes, incluidos Camtasia, OBS Studio, entre otros grabadores de pantalla, han estado liderando el nicho de creación de videos para la grabación práctica de tutoriales y presentaciones.

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 20:29:30
Top 7 Tips to Help Make Remote Distance Learning More Effective for Teachers

Remote or distance learning happens when the teacher and student are in different locations, at different times, and the familiar face to face teaching experience cannot occur. Many teachers, schools, colleges, and universities have shifted to distance learning since they regard it to be more attractive to the students. It is possible for a large group of students to be taught at the same time or to monitor students and make the necessary follow-ups, but all these have to be successful if the tutors follow the right remote learning tips. To the parents who prefer homeschooling their children, some have subscribed for distance learning from various institutions that offer remote learning, and their kids are doing okay.

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott • 2021-09-01 20:54:55
How to Start a GoToMeeting Recording with Wondershare DemoCreator?

Aside from GoToMeeting, you might be thinking of a better solution for how to record GoToMeeting in a customized way. You have numerous options you can opt but the best out of them is here we have enlisted. Here in this article, we will brief you with the step-by-step guide on DemoCreator GoToMeeting Recorder which in its kind has the monopoly of screen recording customizations you will surely consider. You can have numerous other specifications with the Wondershare DemoCreator to record GoToMeeting Video.

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott • 2021-09-01 20:54:25
How to Screen Record on a HP Laptop

This article talks about how you can screen record on a HP laptop with windows 10. It further consists of a few alternative methods to screen record on an HP laptop such as Wondershare DemoCreator, Windows 10 Game bar, PowerPoint, YouTube Live Streaming, and more. Make sure to have a look!

David • 2021-09-01 20:54:37
Remote Visual Communication

In the article below, we will talk about remote visual communication, its benefits and why it is necessary these days!

David • 2021-09-01 20:54:22
Remote Professional Development For Teachers

In the below article, we have explained how professional development for teachers remote learning works.

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott • 2021-09-01 20:51:24
Best Ways to Give Feedback for Online Class

If you are into online classes, you must be wondering what are the ways in which one can give feedback for online class?

David • 2021-09-01 20:51:15
Distance Learning Activities

Below are some fun distance learning activities that will make the learning process for students more fun.

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 20:50:48
Professional Development Skills For Teachers

If you are a teacher by profession, you have come to the right place to know about professional development skills for teachers. Read below to know more.

David • 2021-09-01 20:50:45
Asynchronous Video Lessons Tips and Tricks

Want to learn more about asynchronous video lessons? Read below to know more.

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott • 2021-09-01 20:50:43
How Can Teachers Assistants Help with Distance Learning

How can teachers assistants help with distance learning? If you are TA wondering how to fulfil your function with remote learning, keep reading for some ideas.

David • 2021-09-01 20:50:40
Marketing Video Ideas for Small Business

Read below to know benefits of video marketing for small businesses.

David • 2021-09-01 20:49:54
Top 10 Social Media Marketing Video Maker

Want to learn more about social media marketing video maker. Read below to know more.

David • 2021-09-01 20:49:42
How to Make Digital Marketing Videos

In this article we are going to discuss why digital marketing videos are important and how to best make them!

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott • 2021-09-01 20:49:39
Ventajas de usar videos en la enseñanza

¿Ha intentado utilizar videos como una forma de interactuar más con sus alumnos? Siga leyendo para conocer las ventajas de usar videos con fines didácticos.

David • 2021-09-01 20:44:57
8 consejos para comunicarse con equipos remotos

Uno de los mayores desafíos que enfrentan las empresas con equipos remotos es la comunicación efectiva. A continuación, se ofrecen algunos consejos para comunicarse de forma eficaz con equipos remotos.

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 20:44:55
Cómo mantenerse eficaz mientras trabaja desde casa

Con más y más personas trabajando desde casa, puede resultar difícil seguir siendo productivo. A continuación, se ofrecen algunos consejos sobre cómo mantenerse eficaz mientras trabaja desde casa.

David • 2021-09-01 20:44:53
Cómo mejorar el aprendizaje combinado

El aprendizaje combinado se está convirtiendo rápidamente en la nueva normalidad. Aquí, echamos un vistazo a cómo mejorar el aprendizaje combinado para hacerlo más efectivo.

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 20:44:49
Cómo crear videos de productos

¿Quieres crear videos de productos? Esta guía comparte con usted todo lo que necesita para crear excelentes videos de demostración de productos.

David • 2021-09-01 20:44:40
¿Cómo Remover el Sonido de un Video en los teléfonos Android o iOS?

Se han introducido muchas versiones de creación de video, que van desde la creación y edición de video profesional hasta una edición de video promedio publicado en cualquier plataforma de medios sociales o en tales plataformas conectadas para mostrar un evento importante.

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 20:41:12
¿Cómo Remover el Sonido del Video con Wondershare DemoCreator?

La creación y edición de video ha surgido como un esfuerzo distintivo que está siendo adoptado por muchas personas en este siglo. Donde la creatividad fue supuestamente mostrada a mano alzada en tiempos pasados, la tecnología nos ayudó a desarrollar formas contemporáneas de disipación.

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 20:41:04
Las 5 Mejores Aplicaciones de Presentación a los Videojuegos para iOS o Dispositivos Android.

To match your gaming prowess, your gameplay videos on smartphone calls for an outstanding Android gaming intro maker or an excellent gaming intro maker for iPhone. There's a dense jungle of sophisticated gaming intro makers for smartphone—but you only need the top-of-the-line picks that offer practical features and effortless functionality. So if you were wondering about intro ideas that rhyme your gaming skill, these top 5 intro video maker apps for gaming should get you started.

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 20:40:54
Los 8 Mejores Programas De Edición De Video GoPro Para Windows o Mac PC.

No es fácil identificar el programa de edición adecuado con el que conformarse. Pero todo depende de lo que desees lograr. Por ejemplo, es posible que desees cambiar entre los ángulos de cámara de una escena en particular que se graba con diferentes cámaras de video.

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 20:37:15
10 estrategias de video para la participación de los estudiantes

No hay ningún medio de comunicación más atractivo que el video. Aquí echamos un vistazo a varias formas de promover la participación de los estudiantes con el video.

David • 2021-09-01 16:54:31
Best Screencast Software for Windows

This article covers the most-effective, easy to get your hand on, and best screencast software for Windows 7/8/10. It involves both paid and free options that you can choose from.

David • 2021-09-01 20:54:47
RecMaster Screen Recorder Review

This article discusses RecMaster Screen Recorder, its various features, pros along with a few of its cons, etc. It further involves an alternative software option that is Wondershare DemoCreator and how to use it, etc. Check out now!

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott • 2021-09-01 20:54:03
Camtasia Alternatives

The purpose of this article is to introduce you to some of the most reliable screen recording software that you can use instead of Camtasia.

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott • 2021-09-01 20:51:01
Los 8 mejores editores de video con efecto de zoom (Cómo usar)

En este artículo, veremos algunos programas de edición de video con función de zoom. Esta característica te permite ampliar cualquier parte del video de forma rápida y sencilla. Aquí están los 8 mejores editores de video con efecto de zoom.

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott • 2021-09-08 17:46:43
How to Make High-quality Product Demo Video?

Demonstration videos are compelling pieces when it comes to explaining your product, brand, or service. It's meant to strike an opening clause, catching your audience's attention almost immediately. Not only that, but Demo videos are also quick to enhance your marketing strategy in any niche and boost conversations, among other benefits. But how do you pull it off? There is only one way; you must know how to make a demo video to do the trick. Your demos have to be done right to solve a problem and convince viewers that what lies ahead of them is superb. Don't fret just yet! Check out these steps on how to create a good demo video with Wondershare DemoCreator.

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 20:51:48
How to Reduce or Compress Video File Sizes Easily?

The emergence of smart gadgets has led to an increase in their usage. So, taking photos and videos has become an everyday affair. But being that video files can be very large, many users experience uploading and hosting problems. This is among the several reasons that may compel you to make video smaller. Reduced video files minimized the upload time and bandwidth usage. It's, therefore a perfect choice for both the uploader and the viewer. This article is going to foreshow ways to make your video smaller and some best compressor tools.

David • 2021-09-01 20:51:45
How to Capture Video Clip Snapshots in Windows 10 PC?

While developing a video, many video creators feel the need to have a specially edited thumbnail for the video when it is being posted on a certain social media platform. These video snapshot might feel difficult if it is to be taken through special screen capturing tools followed by a series of short edits on different software that lead to the development of the thumbnail, which is both low in quality and effect. This article introduces a proper guide on how you can utilize video editors in guiding yourselves to take a video screenshot on Windows and have it edited on a similar platform without going through a series of edits. The platform considered for this purpose is Wondershare DemoCreator, a screen recorder embedded with video editing tools.

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott • 2021-09-01 20:51:43
How to Reduce Audio Noise in Your Recording Videos?

Video enhancement is an important pillar in video creation, which can be done at different levels. These levels are defined with the magnitude of skill you are aligned within your profession. For catering to the needs of video enhancement while developing different videos, you require certain tools such as video denoising for executing them. For this, there are several different platforms available to provide such video editing features. However, considering the saturation in the market, this article intends to provide you with an impressive video editor under the name of Wondershare DemoCreator that provides audio noise reduction and audio noise filter capabilities to enhance the video quality to an exponent.

David • 2021-09-01 20:51:40
How to Make a Lecture Video in Minutes in Wondershare DemoCreator?

This era has made lecture videos develop significance, which came with the revolution in the educational sector. The sector has been influenced by the internet and the accessibility it provided them with, leading the system to propagate towards integrating computing systems within the dynamics of education. Lecture videos are one such application of this case in light, which thereby was presented with a lead. This lead influenced different platforms to develop third-party applications that would help teachers develop lecture videos with ease. This article presents a list of different lecture video maker that provides teachers with an opportunistic environment to create compelling material.

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott • 2021-09-01 20:51:36
Benefits of Lecture Capture

In this article, we tell you some of the advantages of lecture recording.

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott • 2021-09-01 20:51:12
Top 8 Video Editor with Captions or Subtitles Function

Video editing has taken a new toll on the photography industry. Adding captions and subtitles makes your video even highly acceptable by both the locals and foreigners. Subtitles let viewers understand all that is happening in the movie even when it’s in a foreign language. But again, these have to be properly synchronized with the audio for an excellent performance. And when it comes to viewers with hearing problems, captions will show exactly what is being said in the program. All these fall back to the video editor behind the screen – Opt for a video maker with captions and subtitles that are ready to offer pure gold. Remember you need to edit your subtitles and captions along the way. Get a tool that will minimize the tedium of your work, promoting efficiency.

David • 2021-09-01 20:51:07
How to Remove Background Noise from Video Online or on Smartphone?

There are many different versions of video editing that are available in the market. These video editing features range from professional to simple tools that can be both used for high-quality video development or simple videos that are to be posted on social media. Video denoising is one such video editing tool that can be consumed for managing the background audios of the videos. Majorly, it is used for smoothening out the video and managing its output quality. This article discusses a few video denoise online software that provides compelling and explicable audio noise cancellation features to enhance audio.

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott • 2021-09-01 20:47:45
Top 6 Best Video Denoise Software for PC in 2020

Video editing developed as professional expertise where a few platforms provided a list of different features that were usually hard to work on. These few platforms were the only sources of video editing in the market for quite a while. Evolution made technology easier and accessible, which pertinently mirrored on such professions. This led to simpler domains and platforms that provided a comprehensive set of features that could be carried out through simple steps. These platforms enabled a collateral use of the profession for simple tasks, making it readily available throughout the world. Video denoiser has now become a common utility that is being consumed by professionals as well as by people who wish to simply edit their video to share on any social media platform. This article provides you with the best video denoising software that allows you to effectively handle the sound effects of your videos through the simplest of methods.

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 20:47:39
Top 7 Free Tools to Sync Audio and Video Sources

If you are a content creator and capture videos for sharing with your followers on social media, you might want to enhance your video with special effects like soundtracks, filters among others. But creating a perfect video is not easy especially when you are not able to afford the high-end audio and video syncing software’s plus most cameras come with very poor audio capturing options. The good news, however, is that the market is alive with several open source applications that can help you achieve your desire for a perfect video embedded with sound without losing quality to improve the viewer experience. You can easily sync audio and video online free! This article gives a breakdown of the best 7 free tools that are available in the market today.

David • 2021-09-01 20:46:38
¿Cómo grabar el video de transmisión en vivo perfecto para principiantes?

Este artículo condensa el profundo conocimiento de cómo la grabación de video en vivo podría afectar sus calificaciones. Entonces, si tiene poca o ninguna experiencia práctica, esta es la guía perfecta para que la siga si tiene una voluntad profesional de grabar videos en vivo gratis. Descubra más aquí.

David • 2021-09-01 20:45:02
Los 12 mejores editores de video gratuitos sin marca de agua para PC con Windows / Mac / Linux

Hay cientos de miles de software de edición de video en línea entre los que puede elegir para hacer videoclips. Sin embargo, solo algunos de ellos tienen las funciones necesarias que necesitan los usuarios finales para crear clips de vídeo impresionantes. Hemos realizado una investigación exhaustiva sobre cuál es el mejor software de edición de video, los resultados mostraron que había 12 de ellos. Estos 12 editores de video principales se enumeran a continuación con sus características, ventajas y desventajas.

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott • 2021-09-01 20:44:42
How to Make a Gaming Video with your Face in the Corner?

Nowadays, your hobbies and passions also give you a fine job which you do not just like to do but also enjoy doing it. The same is the case with gaming video recording, you can enjoy as well as making it your source of income and the best part is, right from your home. Facecam recorder is the solution of the live recording of your face in any online video with the specifications of audio narrations and online gaming experience as well. To demonstrate your talent and gaming experience, creating a face cam video is the door to doing so. You may be wondering how to make gaming video and consume your online talent, here is the kicker as we have covered the solutions with the complete guide which saves your time and sources and motivates you to open the door with your knowledge and talent demonstration.

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott • 2021-09-01 20:43:28
¿Cómo Cambiar la Música de Fondo del Video Descargado?

Este artículo presenta una plataforma de este tipo para que los editores de video puedan practicar sus habilidades en un entorno más intuitivo y cohesivo con mejores opciones y mecanismos. Wondershare DemoCreator es una opción muy elegante para llevar a cabo las tareas.

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 20:41:14
¿Cómo Unir o Fusionar Clips de Video MP4?

La creación de video ha sido inducida con impresionante creatividad e ingenio. Con el tiempo, este proyecto ha sido adoptado por muchos milenios y entusiastas de la informática, lo que ha llevado a la adopción de plataformas y programas profesionales con un conjunto explícito de características

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott • 2021-09-01 20:41:09
¿Cómo Remover el Sonido de un Video en Línea?.

La edición de video es una empresa común que está siendo considerada por muchos individuos mientras publican algo memorable, intuitivo o divertido en una plataforma de medios sociales o diferentes plataformas de video para que las multitudes lo vean y comenten.

David • 2021-09-01 20:41:07
Los 6 Mejores Removedores de Marcas de Agua de Video para Escritorio/En Línea/Teléfono Inteligente.

La creación y edición de video es una actividad común que está siendo practicada por muchas personas de esta generación. Esto va desde la creación de un video profesional hasta la simple edición de un video que muestre algo importante sobre una persona o su vida.

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 20:41:01
Los 7 Mejores Presentadores de Juegos para PC Windows o Mac.

El mundo glorifica a los jugadores profesionales, que pasan miles de minutos viendo videos de jugadores profesionales en el campo. Y los jugadores profesionales entienden correctamente que cuando se trata de atraer y mantener la atención de los espectadores, se necesita más que sólo capturar el videojuego.

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 20:40:48
Los 8 principales creadores de introducciones para videojuegos en línea

¿Deberías preocuparte por la introducción de tus juegos en línea? Si estás empezando, tu mejor opción son los creadores de introducciones para juegos en línea, ya que presentan una amplia gama de plantillas preexistentes que pueden darte un buen comienzo.

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 20:37:12
¿Cómo hacer girar los videoclips en la computadora?

Rotar un clip de video es una de las tareas más fáciles de llevar a cabo cuando tienes el software de edición de video adecuado al alcance de la mano. Nadie podría rotar un video orientado verticalmente sin la ayuda de un software impresionante como el video Wondershare DemoCreator

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 20:37:03
¿Cómo elegir el mejor editor de video fotográfico gratuito para Mac o PC con Windows?

No hay mejor manera de contar esa historia que en los videos. Desde bodas, fiestas de cumpleaños, foros de negocios y muchas otras plataformas, la edición es el punto final para todas esas historias visuales dinámicas artesanales. Y aunque las habilidades y atributos de un editor de videos.

David • 2021-09-01 20:36:53
Cómo editar videos en TikTok

Este artículo habla de ciertos consejos de edición de video para TikTok. Además, este artículo incluye un proceso paso a paso para que puedas mejorar tus videos recortando, añadiendo música, efectos o voz en off o textos, y mucho más.

David • 2021-09-01 20:36:51
¿Cómo crear una introducción a los juegos con Wondershare DemoCreator?

El resultado de una investigación reciente de Google mostró que al menos el 48% de los jugadores de YouTube pasan más tiempo viendo videos de juegos que jugando. Sin embargo, la forma de hacer una introducción a los juegos resultó ser el principal desafío. De los muchos hallazgos, solo unos pocos son buenos para los jugadores.

David • 2021-09-01 20:36:47
Davinci Resolve Keeps Crashing - How to Fix

Are you dealing with Davinci resolve crashing problem? Below article has the best solutions for this issue.

David • 2021-09-01 20:36:30
Top 9 Best Voice Over Software for Windows/Mac PC

21st century is full of wonders, with a drastic change in the digital recording market it has never been an easily available approach to do your voice recording without having gear of plenty of dollars. This era brings even top-class voice over software free of cost. This means you can enjoy your voice recordings with absolutely stunning flexibility features with the best voice over recording software available for your personal computer. It doesn't matter if you're a Windows OS user or associated with a macOS PC, we have covered voice over software mac as well as windows compatible to ease your burden. Here in this article, we have enlisted top-level voice over recording software available in the market. In addition to that, If you are in search of screen capture voice over software, we have also included these masterpieces on our list. So, head back to the list below.

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 20:35:55
How to Edit Videos on Laptop

Do you have videos on your laptop that you would like to edit? Keep reading to find out how to edit videos on Laptop for Windows and Mac.

David • 2021-09-01 20:29:59
Best 5 Free YouTube Video Editors

Below article will enlighten you with the best free video editing software for YouTube. Continue reading below.

David • 2021-09-01 20:29:45
9 Mejores Editores de Video Con Efecto de Rotación de Video [Cómo Usarlo]

Aquí hay una lista de programas que te permitirán editar videos y todos estos programas tienen la función de rotar videoclips. No solo enumeraremos los atributos de estos programas, sino que también brindaremos una guía paso a paso sobre cómo rotar el video.

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott • 2021-09-01 20:29:28
9 Mejores Aplicaciones de Video Secuencial Para Teléfonos Inteligentes Android e iOS

El efecto de lapso de tiempo te permite avanzar rápidamente las escenas en un video para acortar el tiempo que pasa mientras miras una película. No necesita equipo profesional para realizar esta tarea. Todo lo que necesitas es una sencilla aplicación de video de lapso de tiempo.

Olive Eve
Olive Eve • 2021-09-01 16:54:53